Welcome Check out the posters below,

If you are unwell please stay home.

Good morning Members.

We are now still in Level 2 

We will not be open Sundays from now on until level 1 as it is definitely not viable.

Like to thank everyone for their patience and helping with the club trying to follow the level 2 guidelines as much as possible.  Nothing has changed with their guidelines but we can have 100 people. 

Spring fever is cancelled as dance floors are still closed.  Can’t have music without being able to swing your hips!!!!

The Market will go ahead


Just a gentle reminder please sign in when coming in to club as tracing is a key thing when this ugly bug gets about. 

Cheers fruity

These guidelines are outlined below. 

We open  Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 12noon until 9pm (last drinks 8.30pm) 

There will be the Door Sweep only Monday’s and Thursday’s at this Stage.

The Restaurant is closed by Rick will be providing a Bar Food Menu with awesome options, please support him

We are trying to follow guidelines as best we can.  It takes a lot to do the table service with spread out  areas as people like to have drinks with their bubble mates.  We do not want ‘delta’ in Whangarei as that will shut us down for quite some time.  This is why we are trying to stay safe. We will be fined for not following guidelines.

Again please be patient and nice to staff as we are just trying to do the best we can under the circumstances.  If you have to grumble and moan please do it to Fruity.  Please just come in with a positive attitude as it makes the club a happier place. Again if the guidelines at level 2 are too hard for you we look forward to seeing you at level 1.